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Reminder from a Heron

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Reminder from a Heron


From the corner of my eye the flashy heron continues his hunt. His slow stalk moves comfortably to my conscious.


We were literally seconds too late.  We watched as our friends left the shore waving at us.  The man said they’d hold the boat another few minutes.  The man was full of it.  I felt responsible.  It had been my idea to go whale watching, and they left without us.  We sat helplessly watching them pull away. We’d have to wait a few hours until the boat came back.  All I wanted was to be in nature, and see something beautiful with my friends.  I was fuming inside.  Irritation at the incompetence that landed me here was giving me a headache.  I sat staring in front of me, only seeing my own  indignation.  Through my dark haze, color slid into focus.  A heron slowly stalked the silver fish in the shallows, inches from me.

Rarely in nature photography are you able to take the desired time with a subject.  You learn to be quick, and shoot from a distance.  You’re lucky to have the correct lens attached when an animal comes into view.  But from directly in front of me this striking bird allowed me to take as many photos as I wanted.  It’s blue and pink plumage shone in the sun as it shifted its weight on careful yellow legs.  With each calculated step my tension melted.  I sat, charmed and transfixed by its elegance, collecting its movements.

I felt foolish for the negative energy I had sent out.  I had received what I wanted, though my childishness had almost kept me from seeing it.  I was in nature, and seeing beauty with my friends.  I released the negativity, thanked the heron for being my teacher.  How often do we allow ‘what we want’ to blind us from ‘what we have?’

Wholeness through seeing what we desire in an unexpected source.
Love, “Whole Hannah” – inner i art

Hannah Galli