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Prayers for a Future Photographer Fighting for Her Life

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Prayers for a Future Photographer Fighting for Her Life

When Milagros Palavecino (Mili) grows up, she wants to be a photographer. Born with severe scoliosis, at 15 Mili has never known a day without her wheelchair, but hasn’t let it slow her down. Buenos Aires is a large bustling city. I’ve been to cities all around the world, and find Buenos Aires can be particularly difficult to maneuver. She takes in in stride, and gets almost everywhere alone.

Do Good; Let Earth & Hell Combine

Apart from photography, she loves fashion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, and despite my prodding in a different direction, Justin Bieber. The only thing she loves more than ‘The Biebs’ is her family.

Mili Supported

Her mother and stepfather are also both in wheelchairs, as well as one of her two siblings. They are hilarious, friendly, and always greet with kisses. I was happy to take a few photos for them. During our shoot they cuddled, held hands and fawned over each other. It’s refreshing meeting a family so open with their love.

If Ye Are Built Upon My Rock

During my time in Argentina, I was able to give Mili a couple photography lessons. She was eager to learn, and fell in love with my cameras. She brought along her little Nikon, and joked hers was the child of both of mine. Her wit pushed through our language barrier, and she kept me laughing.

Look Unto Me in Every Thoughtjpg

A week and a half ago on July 2nd, Mili spent some time outside and got chilled. Argentina is in the middle of winter. That night she had trouble breathing. An ambulance was called, and she was rushed to an Italian hospital. Her lungs were in distress, and upon her arrival was given a tracheotomy. Due to the severity of her condition she was put in a medically induced coma. She has remained in the ICU, and there hasn’t been much progress.  Her family spends as much time with her as they can, but it’s difficult to get around.

Doubt Not, Fear Not

There are infinite ways of feeling pain. Everyone in their time has been in a coma of the mind or spirit, if not body. Usually it is hidden, or known by a select few. What if around the world people spent even 5 minutes on you when you felt helpless, or weren’t sure you’d make it? What a beautiful thing that would be. I have friends and readers around the world with many beautiful belief systems and views on love and healing. I am asking you for a moment to please pray, meditate on, send energy or love to our dear little Mili, the 15 year-old future photographer fighting for her life in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Inherit the Kingdom of Heaven


I’ll update later on how things are going, and maybe post some of Mili’s photographs for you to see.


Wholeness through coming together spiritually for the sake of another.
Love, “Whole Hannah” – inner i art


Hannah Galli
  • Lark Galli

    Thank you so much for sharing this, Hannah. As usual, you have captured the heart of Mili’s situation. Love to Mili and Los Palavecinos!