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Orangutan Lovers

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Orangutan Lovers


Healing can come from the simplest places.  Observing animals can be as centering as a meeting with a prestigious guru.

Being near three-hundred pounds, the orangutans dared the trees to snap as they bent their trunks.  These very orangutans have a history of violence, so we keep quiet and still as we watch.  The largest male breaks open a coconut, handing half to his mate.

They softly touch the one another’s faces and arms as they eat.  After casting off her finished shell, the female starts to move away.  Straight away he pulls her back into him.  She gives him a look that reads “Oh alright, darling, ” and they cuddle more.

To them we are two unthreatening rodents, to us they are magnificent giants.  Simple love and raw fire shoot from them to my heart.   They feed the desires in me to love and live with honestly and pleasure.  I am in awe with them, and they are my teachers.

Sometimes what we need isn’t a therapy session, or complex mind aerobics.  Here in Malaysia I learned to just be, from the pure and simple love of beautiful beasts.

Us & Orangutans


Here we are with the orangutans behind us.

Hannah Galli