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Nuestra Familia

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Nuestra Familia

My parents have recently moved to Argentina for our church. As a last hurrah! our family went to the Outer Banks and splashed around for a week in the Atlantic Ocean. Editing this photo reminded me of how blessed I am to have all of them in my family.

Lark (Mom) is Love
All who meet her have instant access to her Love.

Craig (Dad) is Passion
Anything he does is done with passion, since he is incapable of doing things partially.

Rachel (Rach) is Grace
With rare Grace she cares for her family as a wife and mother.

Micah (Kicah) is Honest
His genuine Honest nature makes him refreshing to be around.

Aaron (Air-Bear) is Aware
Nothing escapes his sharp ears and Aware eyes.

Ariel (Bubby) is Feminine
She is the very definition of unapologetic Feminine power.

Andrew (Andy-Roo) is Integrity
All aspects and responsibilities in his life are met with complete Integrity.

Abraham (Hammy) is Intense
With his Intensity, he is a boy who fully cares.

Benjamin (Mount Pleasant) is Kinesthetic
His Kinesthetic gifts have led him to live fearlessly.

Evelyn (Princess Health) is Health
From the moment I met her I knew one could instantly Heal simply by holding her.

Laurel (Lou) is Spunk
She is doing it her way, and her Spunk works.


Wholeness through the individual gifts of family
Love, “Whole Hannah” – inner i art


Hannah Galli