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Meeting Mormon Missionaries

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Meeting Mormon Missionaries

Six eyes light the dim train as it jerks between terminals. Sister Christensen

Sister Christensen

Elder Price

Elder Kit Price

and Elder Taylor,

Elder Taylor


missionaries of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormon) from Idaho and Utah have a layover in Atlanta.  They are on their way to England.  They have said goodbye to their families, friends, jobs, schools, and all they’re used to for a year and a half, to two years.  Not only do they not get paid for this time, but when possible they individually provide the money for this journey.

As we walk out of the train, I marvel that they are making this choice on their own, because they long for their brothers and sisters around the world to share in their greatest joy, the joy that comes from the personal connection they feel to their Father in Heaven, and His Son Jesus Christ while on Earth.  I look deeply into their faces and see the genuine nature of their desires.  One of the elders was so excited, he shared the thoughts of his heart with the person seated next to him on the airplane, giving them a ‘passalong card,’ so they could receive more information about the church if they choose.

They don’t yet have the recognizable black plastic name tags, but something about them is unmistakeable.  We set our carryons down and chat a few minutes.  I learn Sister Christensen’s mother and mine are friends, and that she went to school with my baby sister, about to leave on a mission herself to Alaska.  A woman in the airport makes a beeline towards them, inquiring if they are missionaries.  I smile, give a hug to the sister, handshakes to the elders, wish them luck, and leave.  They are young, they are beautiful, they are full of light, and have a pull to their auras that comes with being missionaries, people who are selflessly spreading light.  They’ll soon grow accustomed to people being drawn to them.  As I walk away I say a silent prayer for these three missionaries, and those they’ll find.  I pray that their smiles and light will fill the hearts of the people they meet, that even if their words aren’t heard, their hearts will be seen, that their sole desire is to spread joy into the world.

Wholeness through selfless youth.
Love, “Whole Hannah”  – inner i art

Hannah Galli