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Lessons from Rabbits

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Lessons from Rabbits


Scotty and I flew from Denver to Atlanta.  Everything went wrong.  We got there at around 6 am & the system our airline was one went down right as we reached the kiosk.  We were told they were holding the plane, but it was a lie they told us so there wasn’t trouble.  This resulted in us being stuck in the airport all day.

I’m what’s called an emotional release facilitator.  I can work together in person or over the phone.  I had been planning on giving a client a therapy session, which is called a “process” while I was gone.  It work out that she would work right away.  I found a quiet part of the airport & settle in.  Where I sat, the Frontier bunny watched me.  We stared at each other for an hour while I counseled over the phone.  Near the end of the phone process I saw an actual bunny (that looks like the Frontier bunny’s brother) hopping below on the tarmac.  I looked around & no one seemed to notice.  As soon as I mentioned it to my client, it hopped out of sight.

Thanks to their acute senses & physical build, rabbits have the ability to change direction quickly.  If they sense longterm danger they can quickly relocate & start over.  For obvious reasons, they are also best known for being a symbol of fertility & prosperity.  What would you imagine my lovely client’s process was about at the moment I saw that specific animal?  She was struggling to trust the possibility that she could have prosperity & success in her life.   She was also concerned with her ability to survive with the changes in her life.  The rabbit was representative of her feelings in that moment.  It validated her feelings & helped me understand the most important part of her “process.”  Even in the middle of an airport, I was aided in pinpointing what my client needed at that moment, & in that process by a furry creature.  All are connected, truth is plain & simple & information comes from unlimited sources.  Rabbits, like all animals have symbolism & qualities they represent.  Geography, plants & animals in nature have information when we are open to seeing it.  There is no limit to the way God can communicate to us.  All is His.  Any limits of His methods are of our own making.

A woman sat down next to me during the last few minutes of the process, called “affirmations.”  I spoke quietly but could see her listening closely, so I was careful not to use specifics or my clients name as I said goodbye.  She gave me a smile when she say I was no longer occupied.  She said she liked what I said & asked me if I was a therapist.  This started an almost three hour conversation about healing.  Halfway through Scotty joined us.  She was Christian & shared with us beautiful stories of faith & a mother’s love.  She is the mother of one of the band members in “Slightly Stoopid,” & told Scotty & I about what he was like as a child & adolescent.  Time flew by & she almost missed her boarding call.  I realized the patient handsome redhead next to me was starving.  I’m hope to find the email she left with me to get her story to share on this blog.  It is beautiful.  Things happen for a reason.  I would love to see her again.

Thanks to things not going according to plan I was helped in knowing just what my client needed & was able to learn about the love of a mother.

Stories of Healing in the Denver Airport


Our pathways are as important as our destinations.

Hannah Galli