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King of Fruit

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King of Fruit

This fruit is a mix of chicken, mangos & garlic, but what I’m having a hard time getting past is the texture of raw animal fat. This is one of the oddest experiences of my life, & I’m trying enjoy it.


We picked up the beautiful and intense Annelie in Singapore where we stayed with Aldrin.  He’s a couch surfer who knows the ins and outs of Singapore.  He has two awesome surfers staying with him who are bards from Japan.  They have been at his house for weeks.

We then went to Kuala Lumpur where we stayed with the most international family I’ve ever met.  Following that we boogied over to Ipoh where we were taken around by the most amazing people from the Ipoh Branch, and they love love love Kit.  We saw his old haunts from his mission.  I’ll tell more about that later.  I can’t even  begin to describe the impact these people & that place had on me.

Here we are ‘Planking’ which is an Australian sport with durian aka the King of Fruit.  I will explain more about this fruit later.

We are about to leave on an 12:45 am bus ride up to Thailand!  I’ll write more later.

Hannah Galli