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Filipino Natives Playing Dress-up with Americans

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Filipino Natives Playing Dress-up with Americans


It’s our last couple hours in Batad, the remote village in Luzon’s northern mountains.  I’ve been taking photos on my own.  Taking in my favorite details of this beautiful culture.  I head back to Ramon and Scotty, to find that my wildest dreams are being realized.  We get to play dress up with Scotty!  Ramon explains that many people in the area still wear traditional dress.  With enthusiasm, he dresses us in some of his and his family’s clothing.  Scotty and I are there for his amusement. He dresses Scotty as a tribal chief, a warrior and a Mumbaki/Shaman.  I am dressed as his wife.

Warrior Scotty of Batad


Warrior Chief of Batad

Filipino Warrior Showing a Little Leg

A Wild Boar Offers Protection

Fron a jawbone clasp to a backpack made to keep the rain off, Ramon tries some of his clothing & accessories on us.

Necessities of the Mumbaki

Protection From the Luzon Rain


Wholeness through spending an afternoon in someone else’s shoes.
Love, “Whole Hannah”  –  inner i art

Hannah Galli