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Black and White Photographs of the Women’s March

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Black and White Photographs of the Women’s March

The Women’s March was the largest protest in Washington DC, in The Unites States, and in the history of the world. It’s estimated that conservatively there were over 5,000,000 protesters worldwide. This number is even greater, for many more joined us in spirit. Thank you for showing up. Thank you for using your voice. Thank you for giving me hope. These photos are for you.

Like many of you, since the election my heart has felt different. Several times a day news of the bullying of minorities, disgusting words towards women, and fear for our Earth such as the building of the Dakota Access Pipeline have consistently influenced the way I feel. Though the thousands of sticky-notes in New York City made me feel more myself, lingering sadness has kept a hardness in my heart. Then you walked by my side in Washington DC. As I heard you, saw you, and felt your strength, hope softened me. For the first time in months, I am myself again. We cannot survive and stay unified these next few days, weeks, months and years without that hope. May these photos help you remember during this long struggle ahead, that you are literally one of millions who march alongside you. None of us are fighting alone.

Help share these images. History will remember The Women’s March on Washington.



Wholeness through marching together.
Love, “Whole Hannah” – inner i art

Hannah Galli