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Tag Archives: travel


Reminder from a Heron

From the corner of my eye the flashy heron continues his hunt. His slow stalk moves comfortably to my conscious.


We were literally seconds too late.  We watched as our friends left the shore waving at us.  The man said they’d hold the boat another few minutes.  The man was full of it.  I felt responsible.  It had been my idea to go whale watching, and they left without us.  We sat helplessly watching them pull away. Read more

Hello Singapore, Nice to Meet You

It is a city/country created for entertainment and pleasure.  Then it hits me.  We are in the Disneyland for wealthy adults!


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Mad Dash without Anger

I call Scotty, and he’s two minutes away. I stand by the door poised to run with tickets in hand.


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In Turkey, & in the News

KSL News heard about my experiences in Turkey & interviewed me a couple days ago.  Here’s the piece they did on me:


and here’s the blog post I wrote about it.

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Day with Turklets

Teenagers in Ankara, Turkey are far too fun.  We spent the day talking with 16 & 17 year-olds, and wished we could spend longer.  It was endless energy for about four hours.

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Caught Between Police & Protesters in Turkey


The Turkish people do not enjoy being lied to, and the Turkish government does not enjoy listening to their people. Read more

Night with a Mumbaki Shaman


Some experiences open pathways in your heart and mind that are seldom talked about.  One of mine took place in a tiny Filipino village. Batad is a tiny village in Northern Luzon in the Philippines.  There is only way in, starting with a Jeepney to Banaue, the bigger town. Read more

Lessons from Rabbits


Scotty and I flew from Denver to Atlanta.  Everything went wrong. Read more

Meeting She Who Watches


She doesn’t blink, & sees all in view of her gaze.  As one of thousands through the centuries, I am no different.  I feel her strength & solidarity.  From inside I am invited to be honest about who I am. Read more

Rock Mountain Muse

SEE ALBUM Scotty and I eat overly priced veggie sandwiches.  I find I’m not as hungry as I should be, I’d rather watch the people milling around.  Instead I take

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