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Tag Archives: sports & recreation

Ode to Helmet Hair


Happiness is as close as we let it be. Read more

Hello, Thailand. Nice to Meet You!

                                Watching a skilled climber is watching an artist.  Meet Ananas, a master climber of Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand.


“Hannah!” I look up to see Ananas dangling with one hand.  I’ve never seen anyone climb that way.  His movements are delicate and liquid.  He has climbed down a horn and dangles over the water.  Without rope or shoes, he is joy untethered.

Deep water soloing  is climbing without ropes over water.  With Ananas (or Folk) our guide we met Megan and Ryan from Colorado.  They were nature lovers, and thinking about moving after Ryan’s graduation.  They remarked that we were alike, and asked us about what it was like living in Utah.  They were quite sure that though the area was beautiful they wouldn’t get along with Mormons, Read more

Windy Love on Antelope Island

My face is whipped by my hair & camera straps. Our laughter is thrown back at us by the wind.


A Storm rolled in, the clouds settled above the Great Salt Lake. Read more

King of Fruit

This fruit is a mix of chicken, mangos & garlic, but what I’m having a hard time getting past is the texture of raw animal fat. This is one of the oddest experiences of my life, & I’m trying enjoy it.

Read more