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Tag Archives: musings

How Being Home Doesn’t Stop My Travels

The keys in his hand read ‘castle.’  “Hey, can we get inside too?”

When I return home from a trip overseas, I often hear people express frustration that they don’t have chances to travel because of a lack of time, or money.  I’m also asked if I’m sad to stop traveling.  Let me clarify something, being home doesn’t stop my travels.   Read more

Nuestra Familia

My parents have recently moved to Argentina for our church. As a last hurrah! our family went to the Outer Banks and splashed around for a week in the Atlantic Ocean. Editing this photo reminded me of how blessed I am to have all of them in my family.

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The Sensual Watermelons of Paris


We stare at each other, she with her melon bra, & me with my Nikon, neither of us blinking.  We are both sure the other is out of place.

Sex sells. In Paris it would seem that’s the only way to sell anything.  Next to me in a train station is a large banner of clearly topless woman posing with a slice of watermelon.

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Violence, & Bears in Paris


I can see her shaking slightly from fatigue.  My face is hot, as adrenaline begins to move through me.  The body doesn’t understand when it’s too late.

Violence is not what I was expecting Mom to bring, Read more