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Behind Every Good Photographer is a…

Behind every good photographer is a good assistant.  During the busy holiday season he even went with me to St. George for a wedding.

Thank you Stephen for having my back!
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Halloween Costumes without Ecological Footprint

Every year around Halloween millions of costumes and accessories are bought to be used once or twice, then discarded. They fill our landfills, and empty our wallets. In our homes we can rewrite this tradition.

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Ode to Helmet Hair


Happiness is as close as we let it be. Read more

Meeting She Who Watches


She doesn’t blink, & sees all in view of her gaze.  As one of thousands through the centuries, I am no different.  I feel her strength & solidarity.  From inside I am invited to be honest about who I am. Read more

Hello, Thailand. Nice to Meet You!

                                Watching a skilled climber is watching an artist.  Meet Ananas, a master climber of Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand.


“Hannah!” I look up to see Ananas dangling with one hand.  I’ve never seen anyone climb that way.  His movements are delicate and liquid.  He has climbed down a horn and dangles over the water.  Without rope or shoes, he is joy untethered.

Deep water soloing  is climbing without ropes over water.  With Ananas (or Folk) our guide we met Megan and Ryan from Colorado.  They were nature lovers, and thinking about moving after Ryan’s graduation.  They remarked that we were alike, and asked us about what it was like living in Utah.  They were quite sure that though the area was beautiful they wouldn’t get along with Mormons, Read more

Violence, & Bears in Paris


I can see her shaking slightly from fatigue.  My face is hot, as adrenaline begins to move through me.  The body doesn’t understand when it’s too late.

Violence is not what I was expecting Mom to bring, Read more

Hot in Paris


That first day walking around Paris with Raoul was hot, upper 90s with 80% humidity hot, & I hadn’t slept in two days. I am not one that gets nauseous, & can count on my hands how many times I’ve thrown up.   But as the day went on I got steadily sicker.

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