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Tag Archives: family

A Hipster Missionary’s Most Difficult Goodbye

Her body shakes as she looks at her friend for the last time, unsure if they’d see each other again.

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Three Things You Don’t Know About My Mother


My mother Lark, is extremely sassy. Read more

Q’s Mission Call

My little sister Laurel started with the nickname “Laurel-Lee-Lou-Dootie-Q.”  I call her “Q.” Soon she’ll be known as Sister Galli, missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in… watch the video and see! Read more

Halloween Costumes without Ecological Footprint

Every year around Halloween millions of costumes and accessories are bought to be used once or twice, then discarded. They fill our landfills, and empty our wallets. In our homes we can rewrite this tradition.

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Nuestra Familia

My parents have recently moved to Argentina for our church. As a last hurrah! our family went to the Outer Banks and splashed around for a week in the Atlantic Ocean. Editing this photo reminded me of how blessed I am to have all of them in my family.

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Violence, & Bears in Paris


I can see her shaking slightly from fatigue.  My face is hot, as adrenaline begins to move through me.  The body doesn’t understand when it’s too late.

Violence is not what I was expecting Mom to bring, Read more

Rachel & Aaron


This shoot is about Aaron, but Aaron cannot be introduced without knowing his mother.

Aaron was born particularly tiny. he was healthy, just small.  His parents were sleeping for the first time since his birth and I took him into a quiet room.  I held him, looked at him and whispered, “I know you are big.”  In response I felt his spirit holding me back.  He encompassed me.
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