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Tag Archives: europe

In Turkey, & in the News

KSL News heard about my experiences in Turkey & interviewed me a couple days ago.  Here’s the piece they did on me:


and here’s the blog post I wrote about it.

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Day with Turklets

Teenagers in Ankara, Turkey are far too fun.  We spent the day talking with 16 & 17 year-olds, and wished we could spend longer.  It was endless energy for about four hours.

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Caught Between Police & Protesters in Turkey


The Turkish people do not enjoy being lied to, and the Turkish government does not enjoy listening to their people. Read more

The Sensual Watermelons of Paris


We stare at each other, she with her melon bra, & me with my Nikon, neither of us blinking.  We are both sure the other is out of place.

Sex sells. In Paris it would seem that’s the only way to sell anything.  Next to me in a train station is a large banner of clearly topless woman posing with a slice of watermelon.

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Violence, & Bears in Paris


I can see her shaking slightly from fatigue.  My face is hot, as adrenaline begins to move through me.  The body doesn’t understand when it’s too late.

Violence is not what I was expecting Mom to bring, Read more

RER Train to Downtown Paris

People mill around, early for their train. The man next to me looks around, his destination on his mind. Philip (my Nikon) sits casually in my lap. I look at the track as his gaze moves to me.


After I was settled in we took the train from Torcy Read more

Parisians in Public


In Paris, they make an art out of pretending them are the only ones in the train.  This can be difficult due to the crowd that occurs a couple times a day.  There is no eye contact, and definitely no small smile.  On the way home from Quartier Latin in Paris, I took an empty seat and quietly watched the people around me.  I was born and raised a people watcher, and this is a bizarre and amusing dance.    Read more

Hot in Paris


That first day walking around Paris with Raoul was hot, upper 90s with 80% humidity hot, & I hadn’t slept in two days. I am not one that gets nauseous, & can count on my hands how many times I’ve thrown up.   But as the day went on I got steadily sicker.

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My Journey has Begun!


Taking fun photos in Paris marks day one.  My journey has started!

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