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Tag Archives: emotional release therapy – the process

From Sticky-Notes in the Subway – We are Not Alone in Our Feelings


In front of me were over 10,000 sticky-notes, reminding me that I was not alone…

I’m tired. Tired of thinking, tired of talking, and tired of emotions without a name. Since my travels I thought I had a shell of an idea who my countrymen were. I was wrong, Read more


Reminder from a Heron

From the corner of my eye the flashy heron continues his hunt. His slow stalk moves comfortably to my conscious.


We were literally seconds too late.  We watched as our friends left the shore waving at us.  The man said they’d hold the boat another few minutes.  The man was full of it.  I felt responsible.  It had been my idea to go whale watching, and they left without us.  We sat helplessly watching them pull away. Read more

Mad Dash without Anger

I call Scotty, and he’s two minutes away. I stand by the door poised to run with tickets in hand.


Read more

Lessons from Rabbits


Scotty and I flew from Denver to Atlanta.  Everything went wrong. Read more

Record & Replay Joy

As an Emotional Release Facilitator, I sit daily with people as they share with me painful moments from their lives. The question I get more than anything else is how I personally handle all the heavy emotion. There is a balance in everything, if you allow it to be there. Read more