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Lessons from Rabbits

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Lessons from Rabbits


Scotty and I flew from Denver to Atlanta.  Everything went wrong. Read more

Meeting She Who Watches


She doesn’t blink, & sees all in view of her gaze.  As one of thousands through the centuries, I am no different.  I feel her strength & solidarity.  From inside I am invited to be honest about who I am. Read more

Hello, Thailand. Nice to Meet You!

                                Watching a skilled climber is watching an artist.  Meet Ananas, a master climber of Railay Beach, Krabi, Thailand.


“Hannah!” I look up to see Ananas dangling with one hand.  I’ve never seen anyone climb that way.  His movements are delicate and liquid.  He has climbed down a horn and dangles over the water.  Without rope or shoes, he is joy untethered.

Deep water soloing  is climbing without ropes over water.  With Ananas (or Folk) our guide we met Megan and Ryan from Colorado.  They were nature lovers, and thinking about moving after Ryan’s graduation.  They remarked that we were alike, and asked us about what it was like living in Utah.  They were quite sure that though the area was beautiful they wouldn’t get along with Mormons, Read more

Rock Mountain Muse

SEE ALBUM Scotty and I eat overly priced veggie sandwiches.  I find I’m not as hungry as I should be, I’d rather watch the people milling around.  Instead I take

Read more

Street Art in the Peach


For years I’ve been seeking out street art during my travels.  I am mystified by the similar & differing voices around the world.  They all have the unified desire to be seen.  Though controversial, from skill to raw emotion graffiti art is alive. Read more

Salt Lake to Afghanistan

The Sensual Watermelons of Paris


We stare at each other, she with her melon bra, & me with my Nikon, neither of us blinking.  We are both sure the other is out of place.

Sex sells. In Paris it would seem that’s the only way to sell anything.  Next to me in a train station is a large banner of clearly topless woman posing with a slice of watermelon.

Read more

In a Hurricane & in the News


Some people are storm chasers, some storms are Hannah chasers.  I went to attend a wedding in the Outer Banks, North Carolina with Scotty, followed by going to Maryland to see my sister and her family. Read more

Violence, & Bears in Paris


I can see her shaking slightly from fatigue.  My face is hot, as adrenaline begins to move through me.  The body doesn’t understand when it’s too late.

Violence is not what I was expecting Mom to bring, Read more

Meeting Mormon Missionaries

Six eyes light the dim train as it jerks between terminals. Read more