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A Hipster Missionary’s Most Difficult Goodbye

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A Hipster Missionary’s Most Difficult Goodbye

Her body shakes as she looks at her friend for the last time, unsure if they’d see each other again.

“The Goodbye” – Laurel Loses Her Tail from Hannah Rose Galli on Vimeo.

While in Buenos Aires visiting my parents, little Laurel came down for a mini-mission, a couple weeks as a set apart missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in Tigre, Argentina.  She had to say one goodbye first…

Laurel Loses Her Tail



Wholeness through being part of familial funny moments.
Love, “Whole Hannah” – inner i art


Hannah Galli
  • Melissa

    Ahhhhhhhhhh!!! I confess, I have had hair envy for Laurel for a long, long time! Maybe I’ll get the guts and grown some out in her absence… Give me courage Hannah! You Galli women have such stunning beauty.

  • You have the kind of face where you could pull off sooo many different hair styles. I say if you want it, DO it! .. as long as you let me see it. 😉