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I have been a photographer ten years, and am an emotional release facilitator. Occasionally I also work as a vocalist and graphic designer. I am furthering my understanding of healing and the arts by traveling the world learning from Native American shaman, Filipino hilots, Buddhist lamas, Jewish kabbalists, and seeing both natural and manmade art of all kinds. I photograph and blog as go. My journey around the world started in Europe, followed by a sojourn in Southeast Asia, then all around the United States. I recently returned from Turkey after meeting with Sufis, Seriani and others. I am currently looking into Native American traditions closer to home. My desire is to share my discoveries with others and continue learning. I issue an open invitation to those who feel they would like to add their voices, knowledge, or questions to my website and blog. I am always looking for people with something to teach or share.

My subjects in photography range from nature, fashion, people, bands, travel, architecture, weddings and interior design, to daily life in multiple countries. I am often asked, “What kind of photography do you like best?” That comment is often accompanied by, “All fine art photographers hate weddings.” My honest answer is, “I love it all.” I feel the same way towards my photography clients as I do my therapy. To find joy one must embrace all aspects of emotion and human experience. Through photography I am allowed to see and share the vibrations of life in a similar way as I do as a facilitator/therapist. I find joy in the energy it takes to get three two-year-old boys to smile and sit together. When I capture an HDR mountain scene, the variation of color tempts my imagination. Photographing African refugee children who are falling between the cracks of society allows us to make a different decision. With street art I meet someone who felt invisible, but is now seen. When light touches the irises of a young model, beauty is immortalized. When I am invited to a home for an interior design shoot, I see inside someone’s comfort zone and eccentric personality. By capturing the moment the bride’s brother sees she is now a beautiful woman, their bond is strengthened. When a native Filipino healer mourns the loss of his culture, I honor it by helping preserve it visually.

This is a great way to get ahold of me. Since my store isn’t up yet, I’m selling prints through email and primarily PayPal. Let me know your interest, and I will let you know my availability. I ship my work anywhere. If you are interested in a photo shoot or emotional release ‘Process,’ I work in person locally, over the phone internationally, and even over video or voice chat for those overseas. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

For my travels and documentation of the Healing Arts – I issue an open invitation to those who feel they would like to add their voice, knowledge, or questions. Many have opened their homes and lives. They have blessed me, and I am grateful to all of them. Individuals vary when it comes to personally being in the public eye. If you would like to contribute but choose more privacy than others on this site, don’t hesitate to speak candidly about how you feel. I don’t share anything without permission, and many teaching moments have been off camera. I would love to hear from any who are willing and open to teach (with few exceptions.) For now I am with meeting many people and getting a glimpse of what they do and who they are.


Thank you!

Hannah Galli – inner i art

My cameras are my extensions.

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