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Category Archives: The Arts

Dancing with Song Writer Pete Seeger who Died at 94

Songs are funny things.  They can slip across boarders.  Proliferate in prisons.  Penetrate hard shells.  I always believed that the right song at the right moment could change history.

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Poem – Long Reach Over

The sunrise over the ocean has different colors, textures and energy than the sunset.  At four am I watched The Sun first flash across the crests of the Atlantic Ocean’s deep swells.  I was fascinated with their passionate, almost violent relationship.  These early intimate moments between The Ocean and The Sun were taken in North Carolina’s Outer Banks on Corolla Beach.

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Street Art in the Peach


For years I’ve been seeking out street art during my travels.  I am mystified by the similar & differing voices around the world.  They all have the unified desire to be seen.  Though controversial, from skill to raw emotion graffiti art is alive. Read more