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Category Archives: Musings

Should Women without Children be Asked if They’re Baby Hungry?

I always knew I wanted children, but until then was fully satisfied giving my attention and energy to traveling the world, studying spirituality, focusing on my career and when Kit and I got back together spending every moment possible with each other. By the time I was in my late 20s I had been asked several times if I was baby hungry.


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Childbirth & Transformation

…shedding my past life

In the dim glow of a streetlight, a strange silhouette caught my eye. A miniature totem protruded from the trunk of our pine tree. I was looking a cicada in the eye, during the most vulnerable moment of her life. Read more

A Fox & a Snail | Scotty & My Breakup

As I watch, I am stripped down to my vulnerability, gutted and left raw and open…

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How Being Home Doesn’t Stop My Travels

The keys in his hand read ‘castle.’  “Hey, can we get inside too?”

When I return home from a trip overseas, I often hear people express frustration that they don’t have chances to travel because of a lack of time, or money.  I’m also asked if I’m sad to stop traveling.  Let me clarify something, being home doesn’t stop my travels.   Read more

Dancing with Song Writer Pete Seeger who Died at 94

Songs are funny things.  They can slip across boarders.  Proliferate in prisons.  Penetrate hard shells.  I always believed that the right song at the right moment could change history.

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A Mormon’s Response to Gay & Polygamist Marriage Legalized in Utah


Gay marriage is legal, and polygamist unions are now safe under the law.  I am straight.  I am Mormon/LDS.  I am a Utahn.  I am monogamous.  I have looked inward, and this is how I feel.

I love you.
I am glad to see your joy.
I am glad you feel more a part of our community.
I am glad you feel happy.
And I am glad you are here.

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Poem – Long Reach Over

The sunrise over the ocean has different colors, textures and energy than the sunset.  At four am I watched The Sun first flash across the crests of the Atlantic Ocean’s deep swells.  I was fascinated with their passionate, almost violent relationship.  These early intimate moments between The Ocean and The Sun were taken in North Carolina’s Outer Banks on Corolla Beach.

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Hello Singapore, Nice to Meet You

It is a city/country created for entertainment and pleasure.  Then it hits me.  We are in the Disneyland for wealthy adults!


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Mad Dash without Anger

I call Scotty, and he’s two minutes away. I stand by the door poised to run with tickets in hand.


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In Turkey, & in the News

KSL News heard about my experiences in Turkey & interviewed me a couple days ago.  Here’s the piece they did on me:


and here’s the blog post I wrote about it.

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