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Praying with a Mumbaki
Keeping Watch Over the Rice Terraces
Survivor of the Dog Eat Dog World
Batad Neighborhood
Maze to the Village
Lunch for the Native Roofers
Silent Fairies of the Philippines
Under House Puppies
Our Batad Dining Room
Defender of Ifugao Tradition
Greens & a Sacred Spoon
Chicken Baskets
Native Grinder
Statue Wood
Traditional House Roof
One of the Last of the Traditional Houses
Warrior Scotty of Batad
Necessities of the Mumbaki
A Wild Boar Offers Protection
Warrior & Wife in Batad
Batad Pups & Mom
Fertility Hut
Batad Boy at the Saddle
Feeding Lunch to Lunch
Blowing the Road
Native Moma Bitternut
Slow Down Blasting on Going
TNT Construction
Slow Down Men at Work, TNT
Moma Spitting Area
Monolith on the Way Out of Town
Stone Path to the Village
Meeting Beautiful Batad
Fairy Flies Over the Traditional House
Chicken in the Traditional House
A Hoof Hangs by the Fire
Dinner with the Mumbaki & Clan
Fantasy Jeepney
Where Generations Start & End
Jericho 28
CLICK for the Story... Hey Joe... Hi Mom
All Born Dancing
Baguio Wooden Living Room
Beautiful Baguio
Drinking Diesel
Jeepney Horse Hood
Lunch & the Commute from the Bridge
Still Standing
Taking the Mountain
The Natives are Always in the Corner
The Neighborhood Below in Baguio
Weekly Trash Removal