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Mom & Joe at the Divisoria in Mega Manila
CLICK for the Story... Hey Joe... Hi Mom
Goodnight in the Baguio Blues
Listening & Laughing in the Baguio Blues
Earning the Left in the Baguio Blues
Jeepney Hannah
Big Scotty, Little Trike
Stuck in the Trike with Scotty
Hot, Tired & Happy in Batad
Trekking to Batad
With Scotty in the Most Amazing, Most Uncomfortable Night of My Life
A Fairy Tree in Batad
Scotty with Our Nectar of Life
The Wild One
Filipino Warrior Showing a Little Leg
One of the Last of the Traditional Houses
Warrior Chief of Batad
Protection From the Luzon Rain
Saying Goodbye to Batad
Very Strange, Very Delicious Pancakes
Scotty & Benny
I Did Not Pull this Off
Attempting to Help with the Harvest
Purple Wild Sweet Yams
This is What Not Pulling Off being Ifugao Looks Like
Ready for the Rice Terraces
Our Batad Family Outside a Traditional House
Sacred Feminine Spoon
Smiling & Stormin\' the Saddle
Scotty Earning the Best Coconut
Earning the Best Coconut
A Canine Welcome to the Saddle
Filipino Wayside Bathroom & Shower
Calamari is Fantastic Everywhere
Filipino Fish Breakfast
Fish & Ships
Mangos & Fish Breakfast with Scotty