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Greeting Autumn in the Uintas
A Boy in Blue with a Beard
Back at the Headwaters
Ellen & I at Beck
Go Earthing with a Friend
Wild Mountian Harvest
Earthing in the Weber
A Girl & Her Sage
Gathering Sage
Thomas in June
Chaco Holder
Earthing in the Rain
Sweet Sage Bouquet
Afternoon Before the Storm
Nothing Like Mountain Homes
Prince Nate
Sometimes in May We Go to Castles
There's One in Every Family
Disfunctional Family in May
Three Step Sitters
Two Step Sitters
Scotty Blown in an Antelope Storm
Scotty Spying in a Spring Storm
Dude in a Car Looking at Me
Dude in a Car Looking Straight
Dad Muffs
Powder Path
Ode to Helmet Hair l
Ode to Helmet Hair ll
Ode to Helmet Hair lll
Ode to Helmet Hair llll
The Conference Crew Cabining
Morning Adventuring on the Lake
With Skiffin' Scotty
Galli Gal & Her Grundens Guy
Scotty of the Lake
My Man, My Truck
Mosquito Attack
Mosquitoes of The Great Salt Lake
At 10, We Went Exploring
Autumn Meanderings
Mutt in the Meadow
I Want a Dog, Like... Really Want a Dog
Why Yes, I Was Enjoying Myself
Lone Morgan Road