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Chrome Or Rust
Delicatessen at West Temple
A Pause at the First Place
Hello I'm Your Neighbor
Cruisin' in a Red Truck
Decades Of Shoeing
Great Salt Lake Shrimpers
Back at the Headwaters
Have You Ever Known You Were Home Before Setting Foot in a Place
Tripping Haza
Seasoning Together
Daddy is Back from Afghanistan
Drown in Light
Earthing in the Weber
Provo from the Castle
Oil on the Inside
Autumn Meadow Morning
Weber Sunset Paradise
Metallic Morning
Fancy Dancer
Indoor Spring Sprouts
High Uinta Hannah
The Great Salt Lake Dragon Rescue
Rare White Capped Waves
Laurel's Mission Call - 16
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Moonlit Brushes
Still Before Nightfall
At Kadija's Home
West Temple Corner Store
Lonely Bottle
Liquid Lily
Is There Anyone Cooler Than Andrew?
Shamsi & Little Hawa
At 10, We Went Exploring
Evening Alta
Happy Doorway
Laurel's Mission Call - 9
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Summer Paintbrush
I am a Beetle
Scotty of the Lake
Golden Azure Morning
One Year of Long Haired Lovers
My June Earthing Path
Mutt in the Meadow
Steward of Silver Lake
Mother Number 8
I Found the Bass
Western Salty Sky Sunrise
Toothbrush Holder Face
Look for Me Along Your Road
American Shotgun
Provo Castle
Punched by Her Older Brother
In a Great Salt Lake Storm
Where Balloons Go to Die
Dear World, I'm Still Here
Twilight Bat
The Other View
Facing Forward
Earthing in the Rain
Morning in Morgan
Gift in Salt
Stairs to Provo Castle
Laurel's Mission Call - 4
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Antelope Island Storm
Morning Adventuring on the Lake
Autumn Ripe
Blown in an Antelope Storm
Library Reflection
Liquid Salt
Weddings are for Lovers
Changing the Tides
Way To Hill Lake
Sun & Moon on the Great Salt Lake
Laurel's Mission Call - 8
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Human Cage
Our Mountain Homes
Corner Store Door
You Have to Look Up to See the Sun Rise
Singing Chipmunk
Laurel's Mission Call - 24
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Bring in the Lions
Salt Lake Shrimping
Lady Mountain
Just Encased
Some Have the Best Office
Organize Behind Chains
A Different Way Home
Sweet Sage Bouquet
Sunrise on the Lake
Fotografo con i Capelli Lunghi
Patron of Sammy's
Hot Pepper Face
A Boat & a Hoop
Autumn Meanderings
Linner's Quality Delicatessen
Can You Here the Put-Put
The Ol Provo Amphitheater
Liquid Rust
Then He Looked Closer
Storming with Bison
Torn Not Tossed
Salt Water & Rock
Last of the Great Salt Lake Bison
Sun Paint on Water
Nothing Like Mountain Homes
Confederate of the Great Salt Lake
Heart of Hartland
Laurel's Mission Call - 22
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Great Salt Lake Cowboys
Why is there a Cage in a Castle?
Family in an Antelope Storm
Disappearing Stairs
Lil Blue Shack
Road Less Travelled
Red Spider House