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Darkness Between Them, is But a Decoy
Liquid Salt
Weber Sunset Paradise
Stalking Green Backed Heron at Dana Point
The Rushed don\'t Know it
Thailand's Chicken Island
Dusk Before the Fire
Worth It
Hive of Ancient Turkey
Friends in High Places
Have You Ever Known You Were Home Before Setting Foot in a Place
Silver Foam Hint of Two Souls in Rhythm
Always Look Back On The Path
Moonlit Brushes
Seasoning Together
Autumn Meadow Morning
Rare White Capped Waves
Bryce January Sunset
My June Earthing Path
The Great Salt Lake Dragon Rescue
Virgin Pool
Life Inanimate
The Cows of Ireland
Don't Forget To Look Right
A Pause at the First Place
My Only Sunshine
Idaho Fields of Gold
Sparks Tiptoe in to Worship Royal Blue
Delicate Sunset
Singing Chipmunk
Morning in Morgan
Metallic Morning
I Looked to You with Thoughts of Creation
The Hold of Night Forgets its Faithful Task
Great Salt Lake Cowboys
Tenting in Arches
Meeting Beautiful Batad
Through Light Fathoms are Given Life & Saved
Golden Azure Morning
Feline Focus
Still Before Nightfall
Look for Me Along Your Road
Rollin' Pullman
His Fire Skips with Pleasure as She Waves
Cliffs to Climb
Autumn Ripe
Twilight Bat
Sun Paint on Water
Sometimes Orangutans Snuggle
For only His Kiss is From Whence Warmth Stems
Western Salty Sky Sunrise
Lady Mountain
Batad Pups & Mom
Nursing the Desert
Back on Blakely Island
Waiting On Red Rock
At 10, We Went Exploring
Afternoon Shell Search
Nothing Like Mountain Homes
Steward of Silver Lake
Tears from the Weeping Rock
Last of the Great Salt Lake Bison
Sunrise on the Lake
She Dwells In Curves
Mutt in the Meadow
Lonely Bottle
Keeping Watch Over the Rice Terraces
Ocean Sunrise is Their Love Renewed
Gaia Steps
Contrast Preaches of the Depths Within Them
Irish Goats
Light at the End Dark on the Way
Whitman County
Sweet Sage Bouquet
Their Long Reach Over as Warm & Cold Clasp
Lady Kolby
Antelope Island Storm
Waterford's Billy Goat
Define Conquer
Her Patience Valid as She Greets the Sun
Summer Paintbrush
Chesler Park Cowboy Camp In Needles
Night Nector
Storm On The Way Back
Arches Buddies Bouldering
Sego Lily In A Sienna Bed
A Pledge is Sword to Wear a Different Mask
Baby BIlly Goat on Ireland
You Have to Look Up to See the Sun Rise
Fairy Flies Over the Traditional House
Red Spider House
A Different Way Home
Elegance With The Trodden
Salt Water & Rock
Autumn Meanderings
Secluded Sego Lily
Storming The Devil's Garden
I am a Beetle
The Constant Beat of Water Sings Their Joy
Needles Cairn
Road Less Travelled
Stone Path to the Village
Gift in Salt
But Here, They Still Grow In Clusters
Meeting She Who Watches
Sun & Moon on the Great Salt Lake
Monolith on the Way Out of Town
In The Rough
Rays Skyward Assume Sovereign but None Ask